Get to know Dr Mehrnoosh Dastaran

Dr Dastaran practices the full scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery at OMFS in Melbourne.

Dr Mehrnoosh Dastaran graduated from the University of Bristol in 2005, where she studied Medicine, and from King’s College London in 2010, where she completed her degree in Dentistry. Now, she is a valuable member of the OMFS team. Read on to find out more about her qualifications, professional experience and special interests…

Professional experience

Dr Dastaran underwent sub-specialty fellowships in Craniofacial Trauma and Orthognathic Surgery at the Royal Melbourne Hospital after earning her specialist registration. She also completed a fellowship in Craniofacial Surgery and Reconstruction at King’s College Hospital in London.

Besides working as a surgeon at OMFS, Dr Dastaran also plays an active role in undergraduate and postgraduate surgical and dental education at the University of Melbourne. She has performed research together with the Australian Dental Association and has completed a Master of Philosophy in Dental Science by Research in the field of Implantology at the University of Melbourne Dental School. She also works as a Consultant Specialist at The Royal Melbourne Hospital and Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne.

Special interests

Dr Dastaran provides a wide range of services in her work as a surgeon. She is able to assist with:

Management of impacted teeth

Impacted teeth can cause a number of issues, including infection, tooth decay and damage to nearby teeth and gums. Dr Dastaran is able to recommend and provide treatment for problematic impacted teeth in order to alleviate pain and prevent the development of some serious oral health problems.

Surgical extraction of wisdom teeth

This surgical procedure is fairly common, and is a highly effective means of alleviating pain and discomfort caused by impacted or diseased wisdom teeth. In some cases, Dr Dastaran also removes wisdom teeth for orthodontic reasons. The procedure typically takes between 30 and 60 minutes to complete, and Dr Dastaran will explain what one can expect from the surgery and recovery before treatment begins.

Dental implantology

Dr Dastaran is qualified to perform dental implant surgery, which has become an increasingly popular treatment for the replacement of missing teeth. Dental implants have become an important part of modern dentistry and offer a wide range of benefits, one of the most important of which is that they help to maintain bone structure and support the facial tissues.

Corrective jaw surgery

As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr Dastaran often performs corrective jaw surgery. The procedure may be recommended in cases where it is necessary to correct a severely misaligned bite, and can go a long way in improving one’s ability to chew and speak.

Minimally invasive salivary gland surgery

This procedure may be recommended for patients who have been diagnosed with salivary gland tumours, in which case, the tumours are surgically removed. When you come in for a consultation with Dr Dastaran, she will let you know what type of surgery suits your particular needs and explain the details of the procedure and recovery to you.

Facial reconstruction following trauma

Dr Dastaran has a special interest in facial reconstruction following trauma, and is qualified and experienced in treating and managing many types of facial fractures and trauma. She is able to assist in the treatment of broken cheekbones, eye sockets, and broken jaws.

Surgical and non-surgical facial aesthetic procedures

Dr Dastaran also specialises in both surgical and non-surgical facial aesthetic procedures, and in her years in the field, she has also gained experience in non-surgical contour correction and anti-aging treatments, including wrinkle relaxation and dermal fillers.

To arrange a consultation with Dr Mehrnoosh Dastaran, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. She is committed to providing top quality care to each of her patients and approaches her work with genuine empathy.