Cheek augmentation can provide balance and symmetry to the facial structure

Cheek augmentation surgery can have a range of aesthetic and functional benefits. Often cheek augmentation surgery is performed for patients at the same time they receive corrective jaw surgery and is also a common procedure for patients who have experienced facial trauma. Many patients who receive cheek augmentation surgery are simply looking to improve their appearance. Altering the appearance of your cheeks can create a visible improvement to your facial structure.

The cheek augmentation procedure

Prior to undergoing a cheek augmentation, you will attend a consultation with your surgeon to discuss your previous medical history and any concerns you might have.

The surgery itself is performed under general anaesthetic with a small incision being made inside the upper lip, unless you are receiving a cheek augmentation in conjunction with another facial surgery that requires a different incision location. A pocket is then formed from the incision in which the implant is inserted.

Your surgeon will select the most appropriate implant to suit your individual facial structure and appearance. This will be discussed in detail prior to surgery to ensure that you are able to let your surgeon know your desired outcome.

Your incision will then be stitched using dissolvable stitches and recovery will begin.

Cheek augmentation surgery recovery

Following your surgery, you will be required to stay in hospital for a short period of time to be monitored after the use of general anaesthetic. You will notice some discomfort and swelling in the days following your surgery. A dressing will be applied in order to help reduce swelling and your surgeon will prescribe pain medication.

It is important to practice effective oral health and ensure that the incision site is clean following surgery. Your surgeon will discuss how to keep this area clean with you. Rinsing with a solution of warm salt water and taking prescribed antibiotics will help to prevent infection. Using a cold pack on swollen areas and avoiding sleeping on your side until pain and swelling dissipates is important.

The most important thing during your recovery is to attend follow-up appointments in order for your surgeon to monitor your recovery and intervene in the small chance that there are any problems.

Cheek augmentation surgery at OMFS Melbourne

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