Modern oral surgery can involve the teeth, their supporting tissues and bone, or any of the soft tissue of the mouth.

After being discharged from hospital, or following a procedure in our rooms, patients should return home and rest quietly for the rest of the day. The following points should be noted and followed:

  • Hot food and drinks should be avoided for approximately two hours after the procedure whilst the mouth is still numb.
  • Remove gauze pad from bleeding point after 30 minutes and replace with a fresh one as required.
  • No rinsing of the mouth on the day of surgery. Rinsing to commence on the day following surgery with warm salt water rinses four times per day.
  • Gentle tooth brushing to continue as normal.
  • If stitches have been placed, these will dissolve within a few days.
  • If any medications are required, the surgeon will provide a prescription, or alternatively advice regarding non-prescriptive medications.

A leaflet containing all the above information and spare gauze pads will be provided upon your discharge.

If you have heavy bleeding, severe pain, continued swelling for two to three days, or a reaction to the medication, call our office immediately at (03) 9347 3788.