Assessing the eligibility of patients is the responsibility of the surgeon and the anaesthetist.

Although it may vary from individual to individual, some of the key criteria used to assess suitability for surgery include:

  • Age
  • General health
  • Type and length of procedure
  • Access to post-operative support

Completing our Admission Form at the time of consultation, as accurately as possible, will mean our practice staff can ensure all patients are provided the highest standards of care and are prepared appropriately for surgery.

The two main goals of our patient assessment are to:

  1. Evaluate a patient’s general health (optimisation if necessary)
  2. Provide a plan regarding appropriate and ideal treatment

Assessed Eligibility

Once the patient is deemed suitable, our staff will explain how to prepare for surgery. This will include what will happen on the day of surgery and what is required for discharge. All patients are provided with a pre-admission pack containing this information and a written estimate of the fees.

At this point an appointment will be made for the surgical procedure as well as other necessary pre-surgery appointments such as pre-anaesthetic consultation. Our staff are trained to answer all your questions.

Comprehensive post operative instructions are provided to each patient prior to discharge and a follow-up visit is scheduled to ensure a complete and optimal recovery.